Hi and welcome to my website! My name is Landon Winters and I’ve designed this reference website so that me and my friends can easily track the progress of some of my long term creative projects, involving pristine quality AI PRO video restorations of far better quality than what’s available commercially, development of an immersive adventure board game, and true music quality ratings free of commercial bias.

Highest quality video restoration has been my main passion for over 20 years. The recent introduction of machine learning AI algorithms has allowed me to take my professional video restoration efforts to the next level with some truly breathtaking results achieved through my signature AI PRO methodology. As is evident from the video samples on my website, the quality of AI PRO restorations is far better than anything anyone else has been able to achieve to date. This is mostly thanks to my diligent master source collection, lossless workflows, advanced customization of AI algorithm combinations, and certified quality control.

One of my hobbies has always been listening to music. When I was young I used to have a big playlist of random music and I would just allow the music player to shuffle the tracks randomly. Annoyingly, I felt the player always selected a song that I did not like very much. So, to make my playlist more enjoyable, I’ve decided to become an independent music critic. And so, to this day, I spend half of my spare time evaluating the quality of individual songs by measuring their evergreenness and production value. I rate music from all genres and ages, by commercial and independent musicians alike, from all over the world. The idea behind this is to eventually be able to publish the ultimate all-time music ratings chart and a powerful genre cross-referencing tool for easy discovery of top bands in any given genre.

Last, but not least, I’m a passionate board game designer. For many years now I have been developing a massive adventure board game called The Secret Outpost, which features a unique style of play combining free choice movement and random events. The game consists of 3 large boards and over 400 event cards, offering one of the most immersive board/card game adventures ever. The game development is largely complete and I’m now looking for a respectable publisher to make my game available to the public.

I hope that you find my content interesting, useful and insightful, and my website pleasant to use. I don’t like annoying ads and popups, so as a matter of principle you will never see any spam on my website. Enjoy!

It's always the people who nobody thinks anything of that manage to achieve the unthinkable.